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Green Light


Green Light


Hello! My name is Alexis, also known as Hurricane Lexi. I am an Inner Child Coach, Published Author, Freelance Model, Brand Ambassador, Speaker, and Artist. I am also a Psychonaut, as well as a Mental & Emotional Health Advocate, having my own personal journey and relationship with the subject. I am committed to continued growth and enlightenment, allowing myself the freedom to walk into and live out the Best Version of Myself, for myself, and all those I allow to experience it with me.

I consider myself a "Blank Canvas", and enjoy the opportunity to collaborate and bring a client(s), or my own, vision(s) to life in the most professional, impactful, creatively expressive way possible. 


Some of my Modeling experience consist of: Runway / Commercial / Editorial / Product / Art / Video Modeling. 

I progressively expand and upgrade my skills and talents, through various & diverse collaborations, teachings, research, experience, and projects, within and outside of the industry. I continue to keep my portfolio & outreach diversified. 

When working with me, you will learn that I enjoy trying new things creatively, not afraid to push or jump outside the box to accomplish the intended vision. My positive energy and naturally radiant personality, coupled with my love of laughter and fun, often rubs off onto all those around me; my joyous mood is contagious lol!

I'm always open to new projects, collaborations, experiences, and connections. So feel free to check out the Contact Form and enter your info so that we can work together!

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