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White Feather


I am a speaker from the heart. In my first speaking event in 2020, Hurricane Lexi: Weathering The Storm Event, I opened up about vulnerable parts of my life and the importance of mental health, in an effort to resonate with those who have relatable stories/situations, and provide a safe space of healing, growth, and understanding for others. 

On December 19, 2022, I published my first book, Random Radiance A Never Too Radiant Anthology.

Available on Amazon 

In my second speaking event in March 2023, I spoke to women, men, and children about the importance of the Inner Child. I also spoke to my own experiences of connecting with my Inner Child in my adult life.

Providing realistic and doable examples you can each incorporate TODAY, to bridge the gap between your inner child and your current (adult) selves. Reminding you of your freedom of choice. Your choice to receive and explore our creativity, peace, self-care, prosperity, and more. Your choice to LIVE!

I am open to new, diverse, impactfully creative speaking and hosting opportunities all 2023 and Beyond.

Contact me today, let's chat!

Love Gang All Day,


Hurricane Lexi

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