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Quick Morning Gratitude Affirmations

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

As you sip your morning tea ( and embrace the beauty that this new day brings, allow yourself to #reflect and #express a moment of #radiant #gratitude to yourself and the Universe.

Read these easy #affirmations out loud, in your head, write them down, carry them with you, or any combination of the sort, and watch as your day #shines a little #brighter! #Peace and #Abundance!

I am so blessed this morning and this day.

I woke up well refreshed and already ACCOMPLISHED.

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day to work on myself, my gifts, my talents, and my business. I will utilize it effectively.

I enjoy and am grateful for the abundant resources available for me to continually expand and understand my knowledge.

I LOVE being a forever student and learner.


-Hurricane Lexi

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