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Overcoming Low Vibrational Energy In The Moment

Check out my latest post below on how I overcame a moment of intense, low vibrational energy and feelings tonight.

So I had a moment…

Tonight, I had a wave of low vibrational energy and feelings sweep over me. This time, instead of blocking/internalizing/downplaying it, I was ten toes down and intentional about sitting with and feeling through it. And I’m glad I did too. Here’s some of the action steps I took to sit with, and understand what I was feeling, as well as raise my vibrations and confidence to a higher level before ending my day.

Sitting With Lexi

Once I recognized that I was experiencing a drop in my vibrations, thoughts, and feelings, I paused.

I paused to take a deep breath. Then another one.

I paused to take inventory of what I was telling me, internally. Something within me needs to be listened to, about something. What was I attempting to say? So, I listened. Silently, presently, openly. I opened myself up and surrendered to what I was holding inside, giving her the space, safety, and freedom to express herself freely as she needs.

Once I created that peaceful pocket of space within me, she spoke.