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Overcoming Low Vibrational Energy In The Moment

Check out my latest post below on how I overcame a moment of intense, low vibrational energy and feelings tonight.

So I had a moment…

Tonight, I had a wave of low vibrational energy and feelings sweep over me. This time, instead of blocking/internalizing/downplaying it, I was ten toes down and intentional about sitting with and feeling through it. And I’m glad I did too. Here’s some of the action steps I took to sit with, and understand what I was feeling, as well as raise my vibrations and confidence to a higher level before ending my day.

Sitting With Lexi

Once I recognized that I was experiencing a drop in my vibrations, thoughts, and feelings, I paused.

I paused to take a deep breath. Then another one.

I paused to take inventory of what I was telling me, internally. Something within me needs to be listened to, about something. What was I attempting to say? So, I listened. Silently, presently, openly. I opened myself up and surrendered to what I was holding inside, giving her the space, safety, and freedom to express herself freely as she needs.

Once I created that peaceful pocket of space within me, she spoke.

Weathering The Feeling

When she started talking, she was not timid at all. She came with an intensity and passion that sat me all the way down. She held nothing back and spared no feelings. She trusted me enough to express her vulnerability with me openly. She poured out her pain and frustration. And I felt it with her. I vented in my audio journal. I sulked. I hurt. I ached. I felt heavy. I felt restless.

Then I understood. Once that happened, I was ready to, as Ralph Smart says it, “ RAAAAIIIISSSSE THE VIBRATION. RRAAAAIIIIIISSSEEE THE FREQUENCY!”

Raising My Vibrations & Confidence

Now that I was in a state of peace and understanding with myself in this experience, it was time to re-lift my energy.

¨ I had a song that was randomly playing in my head, and I went to YouTube and played it. I jammed and danced however my body felt like moving.

¨ I started writing this blog about my experience in real time, playing high frequency music in the background. I released the fear of sharing my story and experiences. I am living and navigating through this Matrix called Life as best I can, just like everybody else. People being open in their transparency has helped me at points along my journey, so who am I to hold back my God given gifts and the ability and opportunities to help others, at no cost to me? I’ve already lived through and overcome the things I speak of ( for the most part), and received the lessons, blessings, rewards, and/or consequences from them. I’m worthy of the privilege to be of service in such a fashion, and doing it in my own unique way.

¨ I turned on one of my ‘hype me up’ anthem songs and flowed with the music, allowing the energy to swirl within my body and transmute itself into energetic, confident, high vibrations.

¨ I took deep breaths. Quieted my mind. Focused. Felt & filled myself w/ love.

And as I bring this to a close and prepare to turn in for the night, I give thanks. To God for the gifts. You for reading, and receiving what you choose from this. To myself for having the courage and discipline to share parts of my story with you. I am full of Gratitude. I feel more at peace. Balanced. Focused. Loving. Calm,

I encourage you to ‘Love Yourself As If Your Life Depends On It...Because It Does!”

Much Love. Sweet Dreams. Radiate Bright.

Peace & Abundance,

-Hurricane Lexi

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