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Powerful "I/MY" Affirmations List

20 “I/MY” Affirmations!

1. I relish in the Greatness that lives within me.

2. I AM Powerful in ALL ways!

3. I accept and love ALL parts of me, inside and out.

4. I AM exuberant in the way I carry, love, and express myself.

5. I AM confident and courageous in who I AM and how I show up for myself.

6. I AM driven for the Divine successes that are lined just for me along my path.

7. I AM abundantly blessed at ALL times.

8. I have a healthy, balanced, and open throat chakra, and I exercise it authentically.

9. I AM kind and caring towards myself and others around me.

10. I find myself so sexy and desirable!

11. I AM absolutely DELIGHTFUL!

12. I AM a kick ass, Radiant Goddess!

13. I AM deeply connected with Spirit and the Divine

14. I trust my intuition and listen to the guidance Spirit provides me.

15. I carry, grow, express, and replenish my Peaceful energy in healthy and balanced ways.

16. My body moves gracefully and with ease.

17. I AM Grateful for ALL that I experience: Lessons, Blessings, Growth, Healing, Joy, Pain, and ALL.

18. My body and soul are well-nourished.

19. I maintain a healthy and wealthy lifestyle, and adapt as needed, because I AM worthy and deserving.

20. I have a healthy relationship with my finances, including, but not limited to: Knowledge, Investments, Streams of Income, and Management.

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